Vlog #19: Britney Muller Of Moz On Featured Snippets & Extra

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Britney Muller Of Moz

Britney Muller (@BritneyMuller) is the Senior Web optimization Scientist at Moz, she joined Moz in July 2016 and has a deep ardour for recordsdata, Web optimization and the firm. She additionally has a firm named Pryde Marketing, nonetheless her point of curiosity is on Moz where she does a bunch of compare and building and knowledge sharing.

We then bought into google featured snippets and how each person wants featured snippets nonetheless but they develop now not prefer it at the identical time. In her Moz presentation, Britney shared her recordsdata round click through charges on these facets snippets where her now not statistically necessary results showed round 40% decrease on featured snippet keywords. Informational sites are inclined to dominate the featured snippets, develop into as soon as additionally in her file. Also we shared some humorous or per chance unhappy, featured snippet examples.


I then broached the topic of Moz and google’s irregular relationship. Britney handled that search recordsdata from enjoy a pro.

Here is the vlog:

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