Riding the Next Wave of Digitally Pushed Innovation


The cloud is a key enabler of industry transformation. IT leaders, industry executives and digital transformation architects are migrating to the cloud to modernize operations endeavor-wide.

I became invited by IDG/CIO and Microsoft Azure to part my views on cloud-driven digital transformation all the perfect plan by non-public and public-sector institutions.


Among the issues we discussed encompass:

Mountainous files/analytics – how corporations can flip files into insights and earnings inform the usage of the cloud, analytics and other tools

Office transformation – how skills is bettering employee engagement & productivity

Customer-centricity – the honest IT and supporting technologies similar to cloud must soundless play in helping organizations toughen the customer trip all the perfect plan by all touchpoints

Records privateness – implications for businesses attempting to perform and withhold greater levels of belief with their potentialities

The next wave of digital disruption – Web of Things, machine studying, and plenty of others. – and its affect on industry

The sequence (and a huge library of express material) lives here.

I moreover wished to part the final movies with you here…

Mountainous Records is Magnificent Getting Started

Despite the hype, the wide files era is soundless in the early phases. The next fragment would possibly be marked by the means to foretell and put together for outcomes that toughen the customer trip and yield contemporary industry innovation.

Innovation in the Customer First Era

Customer satisfaction = company success. Clear corporations gaze the customer trip as a strategic, C-level initiative. The flexibility to like a flash deploy contemporary systems to align at the moment with potentialities’ wants and expectations is important.

Riding the Next Wave of Digitally Pushed Innovation

Every industry on the original time is cyber-enabled come what would possibly, shape or create. How can IT realign processes and systems to abet create contemporary industry rate? And what contemporary disruptions are on the horizon?

Riding Success in The next day’s Office

Shifting demographics hang created stress between a generation of workers who favor the freedom to work wherever and IT teams tasked with maintaining core belongings. How can IT give workers the upright tools to work greater and affect smarter choices?

Building Belief – and Price – in the Digital Age

How are organizations the usage of the cloud and other emerging technologies to cope with the rising cybersecurity disclose and flip belief into competitive encourage?

Recorded at The Tech Interactive museum in San Jose, Calif.