search engine optimization-promotion of an online store of mobile accessories – organic growth by 191% in 4 months


When buying a mobile phone or tablet, the question arises of purchasing accessories (case, protective film or glass, etc.) to protect your purchase from scratches and scuffs.

The fashion for mobile accessories does not stand still, and what used to be just a way to protect the device has now become for many stylish, bright and creative accessories. A way to reflect your personality and even more – to convey your current mood.


For this reason, accessories for mobile devices are trending, advertising of accessories for phones and competition in this market both online and offline is growing. Offline sellers strive to quickly develop the Internet market and online audience.

This case will deal with successful search engine optimization promotion of an online store in search engines in Russia (mobile accessories).

Service: search engine optimization-promotion with a monthly fee and a separate budget for content and links.

Продвижение интернет-магазина мобильных аксессуаров

Client Features

  • topics online store of accessories for mobile phones;
  • region – Russia with an emphasis on Moscow and St. Petersburg ;
  • the age of the domain is 2.5 years;
  • target audience – people from 02 before 15 years who have a smartphone and who like various stylish accessories with prints;
  • the site has not previously been promoted , however, the client works to attract audience from forums;
  • at the time of request, search traffic on the site is on average 301 people a day;
  • the client actively uses contextual advertising and leads the VKontakte community, so branded search traffic comes to the site.

traffic from the search at the time of the start of work (about 312 a day without growth or fall the last 6 months before the start of work):

Трафик с поиска на момент начала работ - сайт мобильных аксессуаров

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Client goals

  • increase the proportion of orders from organic traffic, since it has a higher conversion and lower cost per client;
  • reach the minimum 708 visits per day for 6 – 00 months from the search

Features of the client site at the time of the start of work

  • responsive design – the site has no problems with orders from mobile devices;
  • practically does not have duplicates – one of the most important factors that inhibits the growth of site traffic in the google search engine is missing;
  • there are small problems with the site loading speed due to the large weight of the pictures;
  • there are minor flaws in the commercial ranking factors (there are no related products, filters, some auxiliary pages are missing);
  • there is no linking of commodity cards;
  • logical site structure, which required only minor modifications based on the needs of the target audience and semantics;
  • missing texts on product cards and categories;

    no product specifications;
  • there are no product filters, however, in the categories and subcategories there is a very large assortment of products – from 192 names;
  • a very small reference mass compared to competitors in the TOP, which, moreover, decreased.

Strategy for promoting mobile accessories site

In order to correctly draw up an online store promotion strategy and evaluate the necessary improvements on the site, a thorough search analysis of competitors was carried out. At the same time, a client store was compared with top-end projects in this segment in Russia.

Based on the results of this analysis, the need for the following work was established:

  1. Development of commercial ranking factors that are very important for website promotion in Yandex (structure optimization catalog for user convenience, adding basic filters, adding similar products, etc.).
  2. Expansion of the semantics of the site, taking into account the needs of the target audience.
  3. Extension of the natural reference mass.
  4. Ccылочной массы на момент начала работ - интернет магазин чехлов для телефонов

    Cтруктуры каталога интернет-магазина мобильных аксессуаров

    Directions of work to promote the online store of phone cases

    Technical optimization of the project

    Although the site did not have serious problems with the technical part, a small list of edits was made to programmers in the following areas:

    • page speed optimization;
    • resolving internal errors and 238 redirects on the site to show the seriousness of the resource for search engines;
    • the introduction of micro-marking on product cards and contacts;
    • Editing the directory structure to make it more understandable and user-friendly. An example of the site structure is shown in the figure:

    Semantics and content

    Since the site did not previously work with the content part, these works were carried out from scratch and in full:

    • The semantic core for all categories of products has been assembled with the allocation of additional landing page filters if necessary. When compiling the semantic core, all options for writing models and brands of smartphones by customers were taken into account. For example, asus zenfone 2, asus zenfone 2, zenfone 2 ze 500 ml, ze 408 ml, z (************************************************************************) ad, zenfone 2, zenfon 2, etc.
    • Compiled metadata (Title, Description, H1) and terms of reference for texts in the category, and filters, taking into account the needs of the target audience of the site (indicating the competitive advantages of buying in the store in description and texts).

    When drawing up technical specifications for texts and receiving ready-made texts, attention was paid not only to formal requirements search engine optimization Динамика роста поискового трафика по Google Analytics для интернет-магазина мобильных аксессуаров: the presence of the specified keys, the volume of the finished text and their uniqueness, but we also ensured that the text was logical, without water, had selling elements, had no complicated turns and was written in an information style.

    Read more about the features of writing technical assignments for texts in the article “Promotion of a medical site – a wide-profile clinic.”

    Commercial ranking factors

    Due to the fact that the main region of site promotion is Russia, the emphasis was on the Yandex search engine, where commercial ranking factors have a huge impact. Therefore, a thorough audit of the store was carried out for completeness of compliance with commercial ranking factors and the following recommendations were made:

    • The introduction of filters on the site with a list of the necessary characteristics of the product based on the needs of semantics and analysis of competitors. For example, filters for covers were proposed by materials (plastic, silicone, leather), types of covers (covers, bumpers, etc.) and types of patterns (abstract, author's, etc.).
    • Adding and updating auxiliary pages on the site that are responsible for commercial factors (Payment, Jobs, Delivery, etc.).
    • Adding a site to Yandex catalog.

    External optimization

    Work was carried out to build quality natural links. Since the client independently works with forums to attract customers, additional work on crowd marketing at this stage was not carried out.

    A thorough analysis of the currently existing anchor list was carried out and an anchor plan was compiled based on the average proportions of different types of links from competitors from the TOP and the existing link mass.

      All link donors were selected exclusively by hand. Under each link, a press release was written about the store and its products. And press releases were posted exclusively on thematic, news sites and regional portals with a high trust.

      Additional work:

      • additional recommendations are made on the linking of product cards;
      • Compiled tasks on the development of additional recommendation modules in the category to increase conversion.

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      The result of 4 months of search engine optimization of the smartphone covers store was an increase in search traffic for conversion requests:

      Трафик с поисковых систем из Москвы

      At the same time, there was a sharp increase in visibility for Serpstat, which indicates not only about the effective expansion of the semantic core of the site, but also about the successful occupation by the site of positions for popular keywords:

        Трафик с поисковых систем из Москвы

        traffic from search engines from Moscow:

          traffic from search engines from St. Petersburg:


          Some project figures

          For 4 months of promotion work, the following were received:

          • an increase in the number of views on 139%;
          • an increase in the number of new users on 156%;
          • an increase in the number of returning users by 67, (******************************************************************%)%;
          • brand traffic growth at 00,5%;
          • sales growth at 15%

          Future plans

          In order not to stop there, we plan:

          1. Review the existing link mass to protect yourself from receiving Minusinsk. Check the trust and spam of donor links at the current moment and, if necessary, refuse links.
          2. To optimize content and metadata in categories: add additional subheadings, conduct an experiment with editing metadata in several less successful categories. In the case of a successful experiment, these edits will be implemented on the entire site.
          3. Development of commodity cards with the introduction of a more convenient sorting of goods and detailed characteristics of each product. For example, the introduction of filters in the types of drawings on covers.
          4. Adding crowdfunding services to increase brand awareness in regional and thematic forums. Such a service, with its quality implementation, can not only provide additional nofollow links to the resource, but also additional traffic.
          5. Optimization of store pages in google and Yandex maps in order to get additional traffic from maps to the store. Since in the search results there are additional blocks with maps for individual key queries, optimization of the store’s description in maps can provide an additional link in the search results. For more information on why it’s worth adding and optimizing pages on Yandex and google maps, see the article “google My Business and Yandex Reference: Should Mini-Cases be Added?”
          6. Conduct experiments with snippets to improve clickability in the SERP. As part of this experiment, changes will be made to the Description of various categories of goods (various advantages, calls to action, etc.) in order to maximize the clickability of the snippet in the search engines.
          7. Expansion of the structure of the store when a customer adds new products.

            Ccылочной массы на момент начала работ - интернет магазин чехлов для телефонов

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