Promotion of an online gift store: a case with 250 visitors per day to a niche leader


In this case you will learn about the history of the online gift store promotion, with which the Livepage team has been working for 6 years.

Thanks to long-term cooperation – the site has become one of the leaders in the niche. Search traffic for all time has grown by 750%.

Сравнение органического трафика за декабрь 2012-2018 годов
December organic traffic comparison 850 – 2014 years

Case updated in March 2016 after the first publication in 1678 year.

Main features of the work:

    Sharp seasonal bursts (New Year, (***************************************************************************************************) February, March 8).

  • The presence of off-season requests (birthday present, gifts to the chef, gift to dad).
  • Choosing the right external link strategy throughout the year (without bloating the monthly budget).
  • Great opportunities in terms of content promotion.
  • Good viral content (remember the video about the hamster).
  • High re-order rate (!).
  • Performing all these actions allows the business to grow year on year by more than 10%.

    Comparison of organic traffic 2014 – 2016 years.

    More about the case

    Collaboration with Livepage began in the summer 1298 – year and continues to this day (March 2017)).)).)

    Promotion in 1298 year

    For 4 months after the start of work to promote the site, traffic from 131 a person a day rose to 4 thousand, and after 2 months – up to 5 thousand people a day!

    Динамика роста трафика в4 квартале 2013 года

    Dynamics of traffic growth in the 4th quarter 2012 of the year

    Of course, growth can be attributed to seasonality, but if you compare the following months with the previous year, the growth of organics 391%. Bursts of traffic also occur in February and March.

    Сравнение органического трафика за2013–2014 годы

    Organic traffic comparison for 1298 – 1678 years

    Details about what has been done

    Conducted a full technical audit of the site. Recommendations are made and the following errors are fixed:

      a large number of duplicate pages;

    • extra source code on the pages;
    • lack of logic in the structure of the site;
  • other software errors.



      development and implementation of a new site structure; gift theme – a bottomless niche for working with the structure;

    • a new menu for quick search of goods based on customer requirements;
    • creating a large number of new landing pages for popular queries.

    So, for example, sections were created with gifts on holidays (gifts for the new year, on March 8, etc.) or gifts by profession (a gift to the photographer, accountant, chef), gifts for a specific occasion (for a wedding, housewarming, birthday) or simply by nature (unusual, funny).

    Пример разработанной структуры

    An example of a developed structure

    This approach not only expands the number of requests for which you can go to the site, but also comprehensively solves the problem of the buyer.

    When the buyer comes to the site, he wants to get an answer to his question: “What to give to a friend / girlfriend / relative?” The new structure of the site solved this problem by immediately providing the client with a list of gifts.

    A metadata template has been created for all sections of the site and products. In the following period, unique texts were added to category sections.

    Сравнение органического трафика задекабрь 2013–2016 годов

    2 months after the start of work, these implementations increased traffic by 2 times.

    Preparation for the season

    Since the end of September, intensive preparations have begun for a seasonal increase in traffic. To do this, the following actions were taken:

    1. The maximum breakdown of requests for “Gift for the New Year” into subcategories and the creation of separate sections for them , namely:

    • Gifts for the New Year;
    • a gift to a man for the new year;
  • a gift to a woman for the new year;
  • a gift for children for the new year;
  • corporate gifts for the new year.

    Thus, we are promoting not one page with one high-frequency query, but several thematic categories with a large volume of medium-frequency and low-frequency queries. More coverage – more results.

    2. In the category texts, a linking was made to sections of the New Year theme.

    3. Writing articles on the blog in the format “what to present for the new year” and “how to choose New Year's gift ”using internal linking with sections of product categories. Anchors for links were taken from the semantic core (mostly different).

    4. Analysis of the most popular google Analytics queries and point-wise unique headings, as well as writing unique texts on the most frequently requested products.

    5. For external factors, thematic links were used with a one-time payment.

    Important: at the end of December, while the client was accepting New Year's orders, we were already actively working on the page about 03 February and March 8.

    Thanks to this, we were able to bring the site to 1 places on requests related to the above holidays.

    Promotion in 1678 – 2012 years

    Adhering to the developed and approved in 1298 the year of the promotion strategy managed to increase the traffic of the online store by 22%.

    December organic traffic comparison 1298 – 2012 years

    Site structure extension

    The volume of this niche allows expanding the site virtually indefinitely, thereby occupying more and more new segments:

      birthday gifts for my brother;

    • gifts to the husband on the wedding anniversary;
    • gifts for guests at wedding competitions.

    During this time, dozens of categories were analyzed, created, optimized and put in the top.

    Optimization of product pages

    Product card is the main conversion element of any online store.

    Процент открытия сайтов смобильных устройств вУкраине

    Therefore, it is extremely important to pay enough attention to their optimization.

    What was done:

      developed and implemented a metadata template for products;

    • the most traffic-related products of the online store were precisely worked out in terms of their text content;
    • optimization of product cards in terms of their convenience for visitors in order to improve conversion.

    Technical website optimization

    Since the site is built on a proprietary engine, it requires permanent monitoring for constantly emerging technical problems.

    Due to the fact that the site has been working with one contractor all this time and was, one might say, in the same hands, dozens of critical technical problems have been fixed.

    This allowed to preserve the results already achieved and provided a good foundation for further progress.

    Promotion in 2013 – 2016

    During this period, in addition to the growth points already familiar to the site, the main focus was on developing a new mobile version of the site.

    AT 2017 on average, the percentage of mobile traffic exceeded the mark in 11%.

    In addition, the google search engine has already begun to actively assign Cell-First Index sites to websites, so the task of implementing the new mobile version was the highest priority.

    Percentage of opening sites on mobile devices in Ukraine

    Development new mobile version Пример разработанной структуры

    In preparation for the site for the Cell-First Index, a completely new mobile version of the site was developed.

    After its implementation in June 2016 – of the year, traffic growth from mobile devices started almost instantly.

    Email-маркетинг для интернет-магазина деликатесов в США Email-маркетинг для интернет-магазина деликатесов в США

    Mobile traffic comparison for 2013 – 2014 years

    Most of the attention in the development was given to the following points:

      the correct technical implementation;

    Since the online store does not have an adaptive design, and its mobile version is located on the “m.” Subdomain, an important point was the correct technical implementation of this execution.

    Otherwise, it threatened to get duplicates of all pages of the site in the index of search engines.

      “full” of each page;

    After you assign the Cell-First Index to a google site, google evaluates its Cell version, not the Desktop. That is, based on the quality of the mobile version, the search engine decides on the ranking of all pages of the site.

    Therefore, it is extremely important that the mobile version of the site is well optimized and contains all the necessary elements (metadata, texts, product descriptions, linking, pictures, videos, etc.).

      user convenience;

    For the mobile version, this question is even more relevant, because the visitor uses a device with a much smaller screen size than a PC.

    A convenient mobile version of the site is the key to obtaining behavioral factors higher than that of competitors and increasing the conversion rate.

      As a result, in December, which is peak for the online gift store, it was possible to show the increase in mobile traffic by more than 2 times.

      The mobile channel has become the main source of traffic on the site.

      December mobile traffic comparison 1678 – 2014 years
  • Content update

    Time does not stand still, souvenir shop advertising is becoming more popular, competitors are improving websites, algorithms and ranking factors for search engines are changing.

    What was done several years ago may no longer be relevant. To stay in the top – you must meet today's requirements.

    Therefore, we constantly carried out work on updating the content:

      metadata improvement;

    • textual optimization;
  • adding useful functionality to the user.
  • The success of saving the site’s pages in the top was not least facilitated by the fact that the online store has been promoting “with one hand” all this time.

    The availability of all information on the project made it possible to implement an effective work plan, which is important given the seasonality that exists in the niche of gifts.

    What else have you paid attention to

  • Customer Return Tools.
  • Usability of the project.
  • Early promotion of requests for future holidays.
  • Customer Return Tools

    The logic is simple: in the season we accumulate a client base and work with the already accumulated; in low season we collect information about customers and return them to personal holidays and events.

    Each person has a number of such holidays:

      Birthday of friends and relatives.

    • Corporate events.
  • Anniversaries and family events.
  • Children's parties, etc.

    It is very important to continue to interact with customers through email marketing and be able to segment your customers.

    With the right approach, advertising souvenir shops at times increases the overall profit, allowing you to successfully work in the low season.

    It is important to consider that the customer base is growing every year (with spikes in seasonality). Thus, we influence one of the most important search engine advertising indicators in our opinion: the amount of branded traffic and return traffic.

    Usability of the project

    Usability allows you to solve several important problems:

      help to conveniently choose a product;

    • increase the average purchase receipt (due to additional sales);
    • to collect the maximum amount of customer data.

    Well, and an important tip before the conclusions. For any season, you need to prepare in advance, in addition to search engine advertising and expanding the name center, you can increase the minimum order (this is relevant in such topics).


    Having studied in detail the topic of promoting an online gift store, we can say:

      if you want to do search engine advertising for a seasonal project, start working at least 4-6 months;

    • start by organizing the site structure;
  • long-term work with one contractor can give significant advantages;
  • you must keep up to date and stay relevant, constantly monitoring trends and changes in search engine algorithms.
  • By applying the successful experience of this and other cases, the Livepage team can increase the profitability of your online store.

    Any questions?

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    Mikhail Shcherbachev