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No one likes to do any kind of audit. When it comes to conducting a net pages positioning audit, many internet marketers tend to complicate simple things.


Most of the factors affecting the net pages positioning component of your site are things that you can easily figure out on your own. Having studied some of the principles of the basic net pages of a positioning audit, you can easily find out what positions your website is in and what actions you need to take to increase its position in issuing.

There is no need to be an Internet marketing guru to conduct a basic audit; all you need to do is to know the internal website optimization data, and you can easily conduct an audit.

To help novice internet marketers and website owners, we have prepared an infographic translation that describes the 6 most important principles for conducting net pages positioning auditing:

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You do not need a specialist or fashionable and expensive tools to perform a basic audit of your site. Just a little attention to detail, a little time, and knowing where to go for information.

The time you spend on auditing your site is based on your results and will pay off over time, because the site’s positions will grow and it will be easier for customers to find you on the Internet.

When you are ready to move to a new stage of promoting your site, you will definitely need to think about hiring a net pages positioning specialist, because for more professional promotion, auditing and optimization (both external and internal) you need a deeper knowledge of the Internet marketing and some experience in managing net pages positioning projects.

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