SEO-maintenance of sites for a monthly fee of 1PS.RU

Internet resource is an integral part of business today. And that the site was not just (for show), but brought profit, it is necessary to constantly work on it. But it is not as easy as it seems from the outside. Ideally, company staff should be:

  1. Seo Specialist
  2. Director
  3. Programmer
  4. Copywriter
  5. SMM specialist

This list can be supplemented by a designer, a crowdologist, etc. But small and medium businesses can hardly afford such diversity. As a rule, one internet marketer is responsible for all these areas, who controls the process of working on the site, but gives the work to an outsourced specialized agency. This alignment is most beneficial for small companies.


What can 1PS.RU offer? In addition to package services, such as Search Engine Promotion and Crowd Marketing , where the exact list of works is known, we offer SEO support for the site on terms of subscription service .

The advantage of SEO support

As part of this service, an SEO specialist is assigned to the site, who studies the resource itself, the business, OT and TO competitors and offers a suitable development strategy. Further, all the necessary specialists will work on the site:

Specialists who work on the site in the top

Led by a personal manager who will become like a “dear mother” and will interact between you and the experts, defending the interests of your website and business.

What works are included in SEO-support

The answer is simple: all that will contribute to the conclusion of the site in the top and increase its conversion.

The list of works forms the SEO-specialist after the analysis. For some sites, first of all, you need to work on the content, write unique optimized texts on the main sections of the site, for others, deep technical tuning and elimination of critical errors are needed; for third, you need to work with the visual part of the site and usability, for example, simplify the order form of the goods, make a calculator. There are more complex cases, such as removing a website from the search engine filter.

Immediately make a reservation that if you are counting on the purchase of links or cheat behavioral factors, then, unfortunately, you went to the wrong address. We do not “drive” customer sites under filters, so instead of buying links, we offer legal ways to increase the natural link mass, such as article promotion, placement of information in directories of organizations, crowd marketing.

Cost of SEO support

The budget for promotion for all sites is different. It depends on:

  1. Promotion Region
  2. Competitive themes
  3. Age of site
  4. Assortment of goods / services

We offer our customers three tariffs – “Light”, “Important” and “All Inclusive”:

3 SEO support rates for different budgets and tasks

Thus, the package “Light” worth 20,000 rubles / month. Best suited regional sites with moderate competition, the package “Important” from 40 000 rubles / month. – also for regional sites, but with high competition. The latest All Inclusive rate is the most expensive (70,000 rubles per month), suitable for sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as those aimed at promotion in Russia.

In addition, we advise separately to plan expenses for context and advertising in social networks.

By the way, you can order an individual plan to promote your website for the first month, and when you are ready to connect to the tariff, we will deposit 990 rubles in prepaid balance to your account balance.

SEO maintenance results

The results of the work produced depend on the goals set, but as a rule it is the growth of the site’s positions and / or traffic:

SEO maintenance results: search engine traffic growth

Improving behavioral factors:

  1. Reduction bounce

    SEO maintenance results: fewer failures

  2. Increase viewing depth

    Results of SEO support: increasing the depth of page views

  3. Increase time spent on the site

    : SEO support results: increased time on site

You can see an example of a report on the SEO service for a monthly fee by following the link .

If you want your site to be not one of a million pages that cannot be found in a search engine, then I advise you to order SEO-site support . So you give your Internet project in the reliable hands of professionals, which guarantees high-quality implementation of all the tasks aimed at promoting your website to the top.