Promotion of content projects: blog sites and information sites


We continue the block of articles about the features of the promotion of sites of various kinds. They describe approaches in net optimization for sites with different key characteristics. Not so long ago we published articles: Features of website promotion throughout Russia , Features of website promotion in the regions , net optimization for large resources .

Now consider the subtleties of promoting sites that are focused on the creation and distribution of useful and relevant information, and not on direct sales: blogs, articles, entertainment resources and other information platforms.


Let’s start by defining the types and goals of content projects on the web.

  • Blog of one author. A specific person speaks on one or more topics. These can be pages on professional topics or discussions about everyday issues that concern the author and / or readers.
    Professional: Maxim Ilyakhov ‘s blog, Sergey Koksharov’s blog
    Personal: Goodbyfis Anastasia Derbasova
  • Corporate company blogs. Experts act as experts, give advice on work in their field, share results and victories, keep statistics, etc. Actually, our blog 🙂
  • Blogs about everything. Venues where the author or the whole team writes on any topic. Practice of mindfulness , Intuitive nutrition ,
  • Entertaining content. Interesting information collected from all over the Internet ( www.more )
  • Information portals. There are also general and narrowly thematic. From those that like: , , etc.

If we draw the most accurate border, we would divide such sites into personal and commercial ones. The first are needed for the author’s self-realization, acquaintances and communication with colleagues and not only, systematization, preservation of one’s own knowledge and skills. They can go into the second category. The main purpose of commercial sites is to extract benefits in monetary terms.

Now let’s talk about the promotion of such sites. There are no clear instructions, there are many recommendations. 🙂

Recommendation one
Compilation of the semantic core

The first thing you should pay attention to when creating or promoting an information site is the keywords that will be used to find your resource. For online stores, services, we select commercial inquiries (“buy”, “order”, “price”, “inexpensive”, “discounts”, etc.). In the process of promotion, we have a smooth transition from low-frequency to high-frequency requests. For informational portals, we place the main emphasis on low- and mid-frequencies, and we have informational requests, such as “how to do”, “why it is so”, etc.

And yet: when compiling a semantic core for information portals, it is necessary to focus on the details: seasonality, readers’ interests, trends, and so on. That is, you need to create content first (themes), and only then analyze the statistics, select relevant queries and optimize the article for them.


  • keywords and a correctly composed semantic core are the basis of advancement for any resource;
  • We focus on low-frequency and mid-frequency queries;
  • First, we look for topics that are interesting to users, then we look at what requests are looking for this topic on the Web and further optimize the content.

Recommendation Two
Compiling a content plan and following it

Any information project requires detailed and thorough study. All this translates into clear action plans. It is most convenient to divide the work into 2 blocks: the current plan for the month and the strategic plan for the year (more). In the first you form a list of tasks for the very near future, in the second you collect everything that will help in the development and improvement of the efficiency of your resource.

Where to get inspiration? Conduct research on the subject of your blog or information portal, collect and store lists of popular topics, new products of the industry, problems, objections, interviews with experts, etc.


  • for a commercial site, information should be changed during promotions, price changes, delivery and payment terms, new items. For informational, publication of materials should be constant / regular;
  • the more diverse the content, the better.

Recommendation Three
Creating useful and interesting materials

The popularity of information projects directly depends on the quality of the content. The more interesting and useful articles, the more traffic you attract. In addition, the quality of the content depends on the authority of the site. It is interesting to write, and most importantly, only really knowledgeable people can fully and fully about the chosen subject.


  • Of course, the uniqueness and quality of content is important for any site, but first of all this condition applies to blogs, article writers, etc.

Recommendation Four

Like any other site, info projects need to be optimized.

Checklist of the primary optimization of any resource:

  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Html sitemap
  • CNC
  • 301 redirects (if required)
  • 404 page
  • Setting noindex, nofollow
  • Download speed
  • Meta Tags and Tags (title, description)
  • Tags (including the alt attribute img, H1)
  • Setting up google Webmaster and Yandex Webmaster
  • Lack of duplicates
  • No errors in the code
  • The presence of social buttons
  • Micro markup (bread crumbs, extended snippets)
  • Correctness rel = canonical

All the details and on the shelves here .

Features of optimization of information platforms:

All of the above points are required, as well as:

    • Setting up dynamic server requests without reloading a web page (AJAX). It can be used for endless loading of articles when scrolling through a specific section. Very, very user friendly. In addition, it has a positive effect on behavioral factors on the site (time on the site, refusals).

Dynamic AJAX pages to promote content sites

  • Customize widgets. It all depends on the subject. On the blog site of a traveler, a currency converter will not be superfluous, on a portal with movie reviews there will be a calendar with release dates for premieres, etc.

    Map tagged with:

    Content Widgets

  • Accelerated AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages. More technology is described in our article .

  • Sharing buttons, etc. Information distribution plays a key role. If the user likes your content, he should have the opportunity to share it on his pages in social networks. For you, this is additional advertising and traffic.

    Sharing buttons to promote content sites

Spread of information

Restricted to the site at the moment can not be. This is especially true of information platforms. For the dissemination of news, articles and other materials it is necessary to use social networks, e-mail newsletters and other tools.

traffic buildup

If there are enough materials in your blog, they are interesting and useful, if you are present on social networks and do newsletters, then it is worth thinking about using additional options to attract users. Make announcements of articles on thematic sites, forums, advertise your own resource on social networks (targeting), pay for advertisements to experts in the region if they have their own blogs, YouTube channels, etc.

Work with visitors

Search engines (as we have already written in our articles more than once) place a weighty emphasis on behavioral factors when ranking resources. These factors depend not only on the convenience of the site, but also on the ability of users to leave comments, discuss a topic they like or dislike, share news or articles in social networks, etc.

Tracking results

As with any other site, not only the current work and the preparation of the plan is important, but also the analysis of the effectiveness of the resource. Watch how traffic changes, what materials have more responses, comments, likes, sharing. Details on how to analyze the effectiveness of the blog, was in the article Blog commercial site .


All really good information platforms monetize sooner or later. Here are some options for how you can start making money on your blog or information site.

  • Advertising. You can place on your resource banners, teasers and other blocks with advertising. You will be paid either for the transitions, or for the “presence on the site.” There are a lot of options: from classic google adsense and Yandex.Direct to or You can choose the appropriate advertising format for your site.


    Advertising blocks to monetize content sites

  • Launch your own product. For example, you are a young mother and do reviews on products for the baby. If your blog is in demand, you can open your own online store. For example, harmonious monetization with the help of sales on information platforms – A blog about activities and games with children. Crafts can be purchased at the same online store.

  • Recommendations. As the owner of a popular information resource, you will sooner or later turn to companies that offer products or services on the same subject as your website. They will be willing to pay for mentioning their site. For example, Very interesting portal with thousands of useful articles and ideas. Through this site they sell furniture, lighting and accessories from manufacturers and suppliers from Russia and other countries. In the plus and the seller, and the owner of the resource.

If you do not know where to start promoting your information site, then write , advise for free! We will help promote the site of any subject.