How To Write A Killer ‘About Me’ Page For Your Weblog


Elevate your hand whereas you’ve ever felt admire writing an about me web page was the toughest factor to manufacture.

Even as you open up your web page, you’re hit with the same dull phrases about you and your pets no one but you care about, and likewise it is doubtless you’ll be in a position to’t aid questioning how the professionals write about me pages that jump at you and expend you with each hands. It’s daunting sufficient talking about your self to the neighbors – by no plan tips striking collectively an about web page to be viewed by your a complete bunch (or a complete bunch of hundreds) of standard guests!

Smartly, there’s correct news: Writing a immense about me web page doesn’t should be that daunting. With the correct files at your disposal, it is doubtless you’ll perchance with out problems receive a tantalizing about me web page — and with out dispensing apt sums to a copywriter too!


Download my FREE (no decide-in required)  about me web page template and guidelines, and I’ll run you by plan of easy programs to make spend of it correct now on this very blog post. When we’re carried out, you’ll know precisely easy programs to write a compelling About Me web page that turns random surfers into raving followers.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

How To Write An About Me Page In 10 Easy Steps

1. Commence up Plucky aka Take hold of Attention

You handiest occupy admire eight seconds to promote your self. What this means is that it is doubtless you’ll be in a position to’t afford to beat across the bush at the starting of your about web page.

The finest technique to take hold of your reader’s rapid consideration span is to receive a audacious assertion that throws them off guard or makes them nod in agreement correct from the starting!

On Sue’s about web page, for instance, she in an instant identifies precisely who her target market is.

Sue Dunlevie about me pageHere is intensely audacious because whereas you were not a blogger it is doubtless you’ll high-tail away. Even as you had been, it is doubtless you’ll feel you’ve correct chanced to your inform and decide reading.

Alternatively, it is doubtless you’ll perchance open with a conception-upsetting search files from as I’ve carried out on my about web page.

Lily about me pageBut it’s no longer correct about making any random assertion right here, what you want manufacture in these first few lines is to title your folks!

This might handiest work whereas you know who it is doubtless you’ll perchance furthermore very smartly be making an are trying to entice. That plan, you know precisely what will discontinuance them correct of their tracks and receive them decide reading the receive page.

2. Encompass An Spirited Photograph Of You.

Fair correct after grabbing consideration, the following factor you want manufacture is receive connection and nothing does that better than a photo. Double gains if it’s a smiling one!

Sue Dunlevie

As significant as you promote your products, companies, you want it’s good to surely could furthermore very smartly be promoting the impress of you too. Americans must companion with the particular person extra than the alternate.

The actual person late a alternate offers life to it.

Your readers must search you to your inform (which is the inform they must receive to), they must put a face to your title!

That’s what will receive your impress, alternate and about me web page memorable.

3. Pay Attention To Your Formatting.

Over and over you detect an about web page and even a blog post formatted with broad blocks of textual lisp material.

That is a complete no-no whereas it is doubtless you’ll admire to decide the glory of your readers.

What it’s good to manufacture as one more, is to receive your web page scannable by utilizing shorter paragraphs. As a rule of thumb, every paragraph should agree with handiest 2-3 sentences at a time.

blogging wizard

I in my conception spend a methodology called bucket brigades to be sure I’m no longer correct formatting my work in a truly easy-to-read plan, but furthermore re-enticing readers at gains the place apart the reproduction feels dull.

If a visitor cannot flee by plan of your about me web page and understand what you and your blog is ready, then you’ve received the formatting all nasty.

4. Demonstrate Off Your Abilities.

Somebody can launch a web site this day and claim to be anything.

It’s as easy as shopping a arena title and web web hosting.

So what separates you and what makes you an knowledgeable in the eyes of your readers is that you just, no longer correct receive claims, you occupy got visible proof of your skills.

This shall be in the model of testimonials, social proof, belief logos from colossal sites, anything at all that backs up your claim.

Adam of Blogging Wizard, for instance, provides this to his about web page:

Adam Connell about me page

I, on the other hand, expend to receive it visible and spend connected belief logos: trust logos

You can furthermore tell their agree with praises files admire site visitors stats and earnings stories whereas you had been in the receive money running a blog niche for instance.

You’ve received to existing them that you just know what you’re talking about. Honest announcing “good day, hear to me because I agree with a take care of automobile” is no longer sufficient. whereas you train you race a take care of automobile, then you’ve received to existing them that you just race a take care of automobile.

There’s nothing it’s good to train that you just do not occupy any backing for. Even as you receive a claim to your about me web page that you just manufacture no longer aid, all you’ve carried out is broaden eyebrows.

5. Be in contact Enjoy a An knowledgeable Glimpse (Now not a Boss).

This one is arguable because some folks are jerks and they mute expose a genuine following, but I mediate it’s more uncomplicated (and better) to achieve your reader on the same diploma as they are.

This intention to communicate as any individual who’s moderately extra an knowledgeable — but no longer superior and is merely making an are trying to coach in a non-condescending plan.

What you desire folks to manufacture is mediate “good day she’s genuinely superb” and “he’s any individual I’d admire to chat with, any individual I would admire to be guests with: “she’s correct admire my correct buddy Vivian” – that’s the connection you desire.

You manufacture no longer desire them to search at you and train “right here is any individual genuinely mighty and up there and I could by no plan ever be there”. What you manufacture whereas you focus on all of the formula down to your reader is you place apart your self on a pedestal that they’d perchance furthermore merely by no plan imagine themselves reaching.

6. Write in The Language They Be in contact.

This one is intensely significant.

We talked about gleaming who your finest reader is and it’s no longer correct for you to determine on it on file; or no longer it is a must to if truth be told existing them that you just know who they are.

How manufacture you manufacture that?

Easy, spend the language that they spend to your writing!

A mom blog, for instance, could furthermore merely spend “toddler” as one more of “toddler” if that’s what the target market makes spend of additional.

One correct technique to search out out the language your folks spend is to high-tail to the boards the place apart they hang out.

Lag to Fb groups, subreddits, Quora, all these places the place apart they hang out and word the phrases they spend in most cases.


Utilize these phrases and phrases to emotionally supercharge your about me web page, which brings us to the following level.

7. Expose Your Yarn In A Way That Relates To Them.

The most extremely efficient about me pages occupy one take into consideration most cases, they spend phrases that pickle off jog emotions of their readers and receive them detect the legend as theirs too.

If I had been a graphic sort designer for instance and I’m running a blog to minute alternate owners that must up their contrivance abilities, I could say a legend of how my alternate was failing so significant earlier than I learned easy programs to contrivance.

The legend captures the be troubled that they are going by plan of correct now; the be troubled of the alternate failing because their designs suck and they can’t afford to hire a sort designer but.


But you shouldn’t handiest existing your starting and pause, the heart is correct as significant.

Here’s why:

It captures their struggle to overcome the topic and the hiccups on the formula.

Lily about me page

It furthermore proves that you just’ve genuinely been on that scamper.

That’s undoubtedly one of essentially the most productive ways to establish emotionally and to place your self as an knowledgeable.

So, your About Me web page — extra than promoting you and your alternate, should say their legend, and push their emotional buttons.

8. Answer The Query “What’s In It For Them?”

Following what we correct learned about pushing emotional buttons, one other factor now we want to make spend of in our about me web page is readability.

Whoever is reading your about web page must be in a position to come aid away conception that it is doubtless you’ll perchance furthermore very smartly be no longer correct agitating their subject, but that you just present an excellent resolution too.

Lily about me page

“Here is what I will manufacture for you. I’m going to bewitch you from contrivance handicapped to an knowledgeable sort designer, and right here goes to aid your alternate grow”.

Lily about me page

As a consequence of in the pause, the why is to aid their alternate grow; they don’t correct must be graphic designers for the sake of being graphic designers.

9. Bear It Easy To Accumulate What They Are Searching For.

It goes to be extremely easy for folks to search out whatever they’re procuring for from your about web page.

about me page

You can furthermore merely occupy about a various reader avatars and each of them desires to search remark lisp material that pertains to them.

Presumably they must receive your most productive lisp material,  per chance they must receive the affiliate products and instruments that you just make spend of or your social media handles.

your blog's about me page

You furthermore must receive it easy for them to search out what you desire them to search out.

10. Encompass A Call To Motion.

In a roundabout plan, contain a call to stream.

call to action

There will not be any level getting folks to your about me web page, exhibiting them how you’re a friendly match, after which correct allowing them to high-tail.

Chances are, although they be aware you they’d perchance furthermore no longer come aid to your contrivance unless you give them sufficient motive to.

You have to contain a call to stream to either receive them to your list (which is my favourite) or receive them to prepare you on social.

Whatever you manufacture, inquire them to bewitch stream, pickle off them to take hold of with you. That’s what will receive you memorable, that’s what will receive lasting followers out of them

And that’s easy programs to write a artistic about me web page folks delight in!

Bear in tips to receive your about me web page template and guidelines (no op-tin so no excuse) and spend it. As a distress, drop hyperlinks to the about me web page you receive utilizing our methodology in the feedback to existing it is doubtless you’ll perchance furthermore very smartly be a hardworking one who implements.

Searching to search out examples to encourage you, listed below are the 5 most productive about me pages on the on-line.

Lily Ugbaja is a blogger and freelance author obsessed with discovering shortcuts to constructing a thriving on-line alternate that merges beautifully with a typical of living you delight in. Need guided aid to effectively produce a significant alternate on-line? Commence up right here.

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