An article on how to check the business page in Fb


When it comes to Fb, most Russian users (especially those who promote a business there) sigh sadly. The reason for the sigh is not the most intuitive interface.

However, do not rush to give up! For all his confusion, he continues to be the most visited social network in the world with a monthly audience of 2 billion people, of whom more than 10 million are Russians. Do you feel the scale? For the sake of this is worth the effort.


To save your time and direct efforts right away, we have prepared for you a series of articles on how to test your social networks for business suitability. Last time we talked about VK, today we are reviewing FB in detail.

Page or group?

This question is relevant for those who are only going to advance in FB.

We have repeatedly said that the group and the public are equally well suited for promoting a business on VKontakte. Their functionality is slightly different, but in general they are similar. We will not go into the details, read more about it here .

Unlike the Russian counterpart, the assignment of groups and publics in Fb is different.


Groups are designed to “complete tasks and keep in touch with people you care about.” Simply put, they are needed to unite people on some basis: one educational institution, one professional team, a general passion. Something like general chat VK or instant messengers. They do not have the functionality of statistics, they do not set up advertising.


Pages are created exclusively for business purposes with all the consequences. Therefore, if you plan to master SMM in Fb, create a page. They, by the way, are different:

categories of business pages on Facebook

But, regardless of what you choose, the functionality will be the same. Therefore, all sections discussed further in the article are standard for any category of business page.

Business page audit in Fb

All right, now we can get down to what we have gathered here for. We tell what to consider when preparing your page in FB.

Company information block

All that a customer needs to know about your company is filled in a special section called “Information”. There are quite a few points there, some of the data is displayed on the main page, some remains in the section, and in order to see them, you need to go to it. I’ll tell you about everything in order.

Information block in the menuInformation block on the main

In the section, all items are divided into 4 subgroups: general, contact information, extra info (since the network is initially English-language, such non-translated names are quite common, in this case we mean a detailed description) and history. What do they have?

1. General:

  • Category: characteristic of your business by subject, with which customers will find you through an internal search. You can add up to 3 categories, all added will be displayed on the main page. And optimize your page for internal search social network.

    Facebook page category section

  • Name: the name of the page, the way it is displayed on the social network. We spoke about the key phrase in this place last time . Also keep in mind that Fb has several important name requirements. In particular, you cannot use symbols, capital letters without complying with the rules of the language, etc. Read more about this here .

  • Username: displayed under the name on the main page, in the search results and in the URL of the page, helps people find you faster. It must be unique, it may contain only Latin letters, numbers and periods. The minimum amount is 5 characters. Create and change the username can only be a person with admin rights to the page. Read more about the name here .

  • Date of birth: when your business was born.

  • Mission: the purpose of the business, its purpose.

2. Contact information:

  • Contact phone: displayed on the main.
  • Website address: displayed on the main.
  • Email.
  • Links to accounts in other social networks: everything from VKontakte to Pinterest.

3. More Data:

  • A brief description of the company: it is important to fill it, as it appears on the main page, the maximum length is 255 characters.
  • Impressum: a concept that is close to our imprint. In Germany and some other European countries, it is legally necessary to prescribe an impressionum, i.e. owner of the page, data about him. It is not necessary to do this in our country, so the field can be left blank.
  • Information: a detailed description of the company, displayed only in the section, has no restrictions on volume.
  • Founding date: yes, again =)
  • Awards: a field in which you can tell about the achievements of your company.
  • Products: a place under the description of the services provided or promoted goods.
  • Public transport: here is information about how to get to you when you do not have a car.
  • Menu: relevant for pages representing catering establishments. In the field you can download a menu file in PDF, JPEG or PNG format.
  • Privacy policy: if you have such a document on your site, you can put a link to it in this field.

4. History

There are no internal fields. This is one big section that allows you to talk about how your company was created. Well, or post some additional useful data about it: USP, competitive advantages, spectacular job statistics, etc.

In addition, there is a general editing section, where you can specify the address and opening hours, and they will be visible on the main page. To open this section, click on the “Edit” button in the upper right corner.

Section edit button

To summarize The section is large, there are many fields. What is important from this? To the maximum I recommend to fill out the General section and contact information, as well as a brief description in More info. If you have an offline point, then still work hours and the actual address. Fill in the remaining fields in More Data and history as desired, if you have something to write about. But remember: the fuller the information about the company, the more convenient for customers. Ideally, this is when they got a complete picture of you from this section and did not move anywhere else. And by the way, use when filling in the section of key requests that you are moving. Only reasonably, in a natural occurrence. This will help to optimize your page for a large Internet.

Page layout

In terms of design, Fb is also different from VKontakte. If in the Russian version you can choose between a cover or an avatar (although we still recommend using the first option), then in Fb the cover is almost a necessity, without it the page simply looks bare. One avatar, which is a small square on the left side of the screen, is clearly small. Because without a cover anywhere.

Fb cover example

In terms of placing information blocks and choosing a background image, the recommendations will be the same as for VKontakte. Be sure to specify the company name, contact details. At your discretion – the facts about the company and the logo. The background picture should be related to the business on the subject, but not be stock and boring. You need something bright, interesting, creative.

Important technical point. In the mobile version of the edge of the cover is strongly cropped. If the lion’s share of your subscribers is viewing the page from the phone, you need to consider this when working with the design and put all the important information on the center of the cover.

An example of a cover with information on the center

As for the avatar, then everything is simple. Since it is a very small format, a lot of information is not added to it. Most companies use their logo as an avatar, this is one of the options:

FB avatar sample with logo

Also in a couple to the logo, you can, for example, add a company name or a key request:

FB avatar example with request

And do not forget to make a button for the link, which is located right under the cover on the right. In the unconfigured version, it will look like this:

Unconfigured button for communication

If you click on it, you will have different options for the button. You will only have to choose the one that suits your case the most and indicate the place where people will be redirected when pressed.

Configure button for communication

With the design, in general, everything. Remember, this is the face of your community. That the visitor sees immediately, as soon as gets to the page. Therefore, do not leave this section without attention. That did not work out like this:

An example of a poor design in fb

Ready in the comments to listen to your options, which business promotes a page with this design. =)

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Page content

Since Fb and VKontakte are similar in functionality, companies moving in both social networks often duplicate posts on these sites. In general, the recommendations for the content are really similar, we all described them in detail in the first part , here I will give a brief squeeze of the essence:

  • rule 80 to 20: 80% of useful content, 20% advertising;
  • accessibility: speak the language of your audience;
  • Catching elements: we pay special attention to the title and image to the post;
  • different formats: we publish not only text posts, but also videos, infographics, live broadcasts, etc .;
  • text design: we structure posts, we use numbering, jumble, subtitles;
  • correct links: don’t forget about UTM tags ;
  • day and time of publication: take into account the hours of activity of the audience.

But there is relevant exclusively for FB. Let’s dwell on this in more detail.

1. Smart tape

The first thing to consider when working with content in Fb is the smart tape algorithm. He ranks the content not in chronological order, but based on the personal preferences of each user: what he liked, who he recently subscribed to, which pages he visited. We recently wrote more about the algorithm in our VKontakte group . The main thing here is that due to the introduction of smart tape, the coverage of posts on business pages has significantly decreased. To get the attention of a person, even if he is subscribed to you, is not so easy, because if he has not been active in relation to your content for some time, published posts will no longer appear in his feed.

You can get out of this situation by completing 2 steps. First of all, try to provoke subscribers to they like you, commented or reposted.

Example post on fb with comments

And also publish posts that the social network itself likes. About this in the next paragraph.

2. Lives and video

Yes, this is what Fb so passionately loves. Make a video about everything that happens in your company, make training videos, show new product in video reviews and post it all on the page. The latter, by the way, is great to do live, especially since the recording will then be saved in the list of your videos.

Post about video reviews

Practice shows that posts with live broadcasts collect much more audience than any other content, and their coverage is much higher (of course, we are talking about organic, and not about paid, received through advertising, reach). To confirm the theory of our own statistics. With 419 followers of a page in FB (at the time of writing this article), the average coverage of one post in our country is 200, while the recently conducted live broadcast of site auditing had 411, that is, twice the usual number! Feel the difference?

FB live post

3. Bulk posts

Although the video is now at its peak of popularity in Fb, but you should not forget about good old text posts, especially since, according to the observations of experts, FB is the social network where the longrides are best read. Perhaps this is due to the characteristics of the audience, which is somewhat older than VKontakte users. Or the reason is not in age, but in the erudition of users, for it is not without reason that there is a conviction that a more elite audience is sitting in FB. To believe in it or not is up to you, but the fact remains that voluminous posts in Fb come in well, and that means it should be used. By the way, in the Russian Federation, very often, FB is perceived as a niche platform where advanced users sit: marketers, executives, designers, advertisers … They are ready to learn and read a lot, Longrida do not frighten them.

So summarize this part of the article. For fruitful work with content in Fb, keep in mind the standard rules that work for different social networks, and take into account the unique features of this social network: smart tape, love of video and success of voluminous text posts.

Page Statistics

Without checking this section, you simply won’t know if the effect you have with the page has any effect (positive or negative). We tell you what is important to pay attention to in statistics.

When you first enter the section, you will have the following welcome window at the top:

Welcome window in the statistics

It is brief, but the case explains where you will receive what information. I strongly recommend not to close it, but to study it carefully, then it will be much easier for you to interact with the statistics. Of course, you can use our advice. =)

Tip # 1

To evaluate the activity on the page recently, open the “Overview” tab. There you can set the deadline for today, for yesterday, for the last 7 days and for the last 28 days. In the “Review” you will find data on page views, on actions on it, on likes, coverage, engagement and growth of subscribers. The system builds graphs and compares the current period with the previous one (positive or negative dynamics now).

Tab overview in the statistics page on fb

Council number 2

If you need detailed specifics on any particular item of the “Review”, see the special tab on the left. She has both likes, and reach, and subscribers, and actions, etc. Consider that Fb clearly distinguishes in statistics paid activity (obtained as a result of advertising) and organic (obtained naturally, through the tape or when a person directly approaches a page).

Publication Schedule

Tip number 3

To be aware of what your target audience is, and to correctly compile a content plan in accordance with its needs, read the Users tab. There you will find data by gender, age, geography and language. Moreover, users are divided by the system into fans (those who like the page) and subscribers (those who subscribe to it), this is important to consider when analyzing.

And two words about the activity. If the coverage of your posts is between 25% and above of the total number of subscribers and fans, congratulations, this is a great indicator! Keep goingthose in the same vein. =) If the coverage is 7-10%, this is not bad, such data are typical for most pages, but there is much to strive for. But if you have a coverage of less than 7%, you should think about changing the promotion strategy.

Users tab in fb page statistics

If the data provided by social network statistics is not enough for you to fully analyze, we recommend using third-party paid services. A selection of good ones you can find here this article .


So, we summarize what we have sorted out on the business page on Fb. Yes, it is for the business page, not the group. =)

  1. In the “Information” section, fill in the “General” and contacts to the maximum, and the remaining sections as desired. Use in the proposals the key queries that you are moving in, in a natural occurrence. And remember that the more you tell about yourself, the easier and more convenient it will be for your client.
  2. Always use the cover. Supply it with a spectacular background image that corresponds to the theme of your business, as well as the text: company name, website address, physical address, telephone number, some other useful information at your discretion.
  3. As an avatar, you can simply use a logo or a logo with a key phrase. Ideally, the avatar on colors should be combined with the cover.
  4. Do not forget to set the link button, which is located directly below the bottom right corner of the cover.
  5. Remember the standard content writing rules that work for both VKontakte and Fb, but consider the smart tape algorithm in the work separately. Publish what you like social networks, and work on increasing the coverage of posts.
  6. Check the effectiveness of your work on the page through the “Statistics” section.

If you don’t have time to do Fb, then with great pleasure we will audit your page and give individual recommendations for promotion. Just leave a request , and we will get to work. =)