My first UX case look: A cooking discovering out platform


Miriam Romero



I if truth be told enjoy already completed my third week at the Ironhack UX/UI bootcamp, whereby I was asked to waste an on-line cooking discovering out platform that will remodel the in-person discovering out abilities into a 100% digital abilities.

That is the make direction of summary I adopted to waste an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the duty.

Intro: Briefing & The Scope

1. Research & Investigation

2. Defining the topic

3. Ideating a answer

4. Prototyping & Making an strive out

5. Next steps


For this project, we were asked to make an participating on-line abilities attempting to realize what would encourage of us to stamp on this discovering out platform. The principal aim used to be to assemble primarily the most fantastic answer, working out the users behavior and discovering out from their experiences and motivations.

The Scope

We had 5 days to assemble our first particular person project. Defining and constructing an MVP of a digital product, basing every decision stage on the Originate Pondering methodology.

My first aim with the be taught used to be to know what of us imagine on-line discovering out platforms, which choices have to be faced when carrying out a direction and what characteristics may perchance perhaps perhaps serene enjoy the direction so they made up our minds to provide it.


To invent several formulation of gaze and experiences linked to the enviornment of cooking, I focused my interviews on folks that were very drawn to the cooking world, a cooking youtubers, a college teacher, folks that had completed an on-line cooking classes and others who hadn’t, to realize why they enjoy never made up our minds to make one.

It helped me loads to provide a Lean Gape Canvas to point of interest on the finest questions and extract primarily the most fantastic recordsdata.

Lean Gape Canvas

I approached them and did my simplest to empathize and realize their unmet wants. Talking with these 7 of us helped me to request why they incessantly refused to stamp in for on-line classes and the absolute best design continuously it used to be linked to now not luminous what they’d fetch within the midst of the direction.

About a of the insights were:

“It will abet me to enjoy a world imaginative and prescient of all the things I’m going to be taught”

“I have to manipulate what I’m going to be taught to feel stable about my decision”

“If I don’t know if it’s going to be precious for me, I don’t stamp in”

“I know what I are looking out to be taught, because I know what I will be able to and can’t produce, but now not continuously I will be able to accumulate”


I bought a total of 48 answered surveys, which confirmed what the interviews confirmed and added recordsdata in regards to the topics that of us would snatch to be taught and the quantity of feedback they’d snatch to receive from the teacher to feel accompanied.

81% total of of us know what they be pleased and what they wont to be taught

But simplest 26% total of of us enjoy completed an on-line direction

And 68,2% total of of us have to know what they’re going to search out.

As soon as I had all qualitative and quantitative recordsdata, it used to be the time to synthesize and elaborate the topic specializing within the users. To realize this step, I frail the Affinity Blueprint application, which helped me to situation up the records into groups of recordsdata, ticket them into categories and ranking insights, the principal be troubled-formulation and make opportunities.

Affinity Blueprint / Misfortune Aspects and Insights

The insights printed that of us are looking out to feel stable sooner than and within the midst of the direction, per chance having more administration over the topics to seem. And on the diversified hand, they want a 2nd idea or receive feedback about their work to feel continuously motivated.

At the Defining portion, I gentle, abstracted and synthesized the records and insights from Empathise stage. At present, I was ready to transfer on with defining the User Persona to better realize the topic.

User Persona

I alive to by the topic and whom I was designing for, so I outlined my User Persona who would abet me to make principal make choices and waste a product that meets their wants and objectives.

She is Pilar, a 46 years worn place of job supervisor from Barcelona, she is married and has a daughter. She loves her household and having chums round for dinner on weekends.

👍🏼 Pilar’s wants:

Pilar loves discovering out sleek things and regarded as one of her spare time actions is cooking but she serene has to preserve practising. She needs to serve her cooking abilities so as to feed her household in a balanced design and surprise her chums with delightening dishes. Pilar is terribly certain about what she needs to be taught but she is a busy girl and desires an on-line application that affords this carrier.

👎🏼 Pilar’s frustrations:

Pilar in most cases doesn’t total the win classes that she stamp in. She will be able to get demotivated because she doesn’t know if it may perchance perchance be precious for her. She have to manipulate the snort to feel stable about her decision, and having a world imaginative and prescient of all the things she’s going to be taught. On the diversified hand, she wants feedback to know that she’s doing effectively and making progress.

Verbalize Assertion

After discovering the largest area and having outlined the User Persona, I came to the topic assertion:

Verbalize assertion

Kitchen followers want a customizable application to amplify their cooking recordsdata because they lose motivation within the midst of de direction.

My make aim

Present a customizable application that helps kitchen followers to enjoy more administration of their learnings to amplify their securety and their motivation.

With this solid background, I began to “enjoy outdoor the box” to name solutions to the topic assertion. The usage of the Brainstorming design I stimulated free pondering to ranking as many solutions or area solutions as conceivable.

What solutions did I imply?

I sketched from primarily the most classic and outdated solutions to the craziest solutions. But I alive to by my User Persona and primarily the most fantastic option used to be to waste a customizable application the assign she may perchance perhaps perhaps accumulate the principal thematic kitchen topic and likewise the categorical monographs that she would fetch within the midst of the workshop. This proposal helps to amplify her motivation on the direction and it creates the security of decision making.

After inspecting and synthesizing my observations, I completed this stage by increasing a User Waft to graphically picture the navigation dash along with the coast and the MVP snort. I are looking out to claim that after later making an strive out I iterated on the User Waft and a few contents modified again.

User Waft

Before starting to prototype, I frail the unheard of Crazy 8 design which gave me many vital graphic solutions in a brief timeframe which I merged into primarily the most fantastic proposal.

All the absolute best design thru the next stage of the Originate Pondering direction of, I adopted the premise of “Built to enjoy, and check to be taught”, so I began prototyping in notify to examined as again and again as conceivable.

Iterations: from paper low constancy to hi-fi make

I made a total of 10 testings and a few of their questions were:

🤔 How produce I know that I will be able to simplest accumulate one topic? At that time there were diversified categories with the topics to accumulate. Visually it used to be messy and you did not know what you will accumulate. On account of the Card Sorting design, I reduced the categories and simplified the topics, reducing the stress of choosing among so many solutions originally step.

🤔 How produce I know what a direction and a monograph are? To abet of us realize between these two concepts, I introduced an illustrated informative video to begin the utility the assign you indicate in two steps that which that it is possible you’ll perhaps first accumulate your direction and then your monographs.

🤔 Why produce I if truth be told have to elevate out one monograph to begin one other one? At that 2nd, the monographs were blocked till you passed the earlier one. Intriguing about my User Persona, I unlocked the monographs so as that she had more administration over the direction.

🤔 I completed the direction and that’s all? Ones you elevate out the direction, you request how the “you’ve bought it” box is completed, but is used to be now not enough for users to feel fulfilled. I add a final show hide “Nicely, you will want completed your vegan cooking direction, have to you shall be pleased you presumably can accumulate one other direction or ….”

There were also iterations on buttons, icons and phrases that did now not abet to realize facets of navigation.

Iterations Low-FI

After plenty of iterations, right here’s my mid-constancy prototype.

I also designed just a few high constancy shows in notify to point the gaze and feel of the UI (person interface). For this cell app alive to by discovering out, I selected a font that mirrored flexibility and efficiency. I restricted myself to the exhaust of correct one font with various weight to be equally fantastic without the exhaust of more than one ones. By design of coloration, I frail sober colours be pleased white for backgrounds and turquoise for CTA’s buttons to point the principal actions. Orange coloration may perchance perchance be show and design enthusiasm, energy, energy, and triumph. Moreover, I needed to snatch the witness of the person the exhaust of tall and animated photos.

About a of the formulation I needed to serve are already within the MVP iterations but at a if truth be told early stage. And there are others that want more construction a lot like…

Investigate primarily the most fantastic issues, the ones that of us be pleased primarily the most in notify to offer a closer catalog of classes.

Give a boost to the “contact with the teacher” application, to make the person feel more supported.

In advise to accumulate more parameters of the direction for instance “ranges of recordsdata” to make it even more customizable.

Give a boost to the graphic interface and make it as stunning as conceivable for the person.

Originate the app for pill

For me, regarded as one of primarily the most complex aspects has been to search out and join with the pondering of users. Doing correct be taught is very important to continue working within the next phases. Having continuously show for whom we’re designing and dealing out the feelings of our person will abet us to waste primarily the most fantastic product. And we may perchance perhaps perhaps serene never talk about a few completed project, in a correct project you never discontinuance iterating.

I serene have to internalize the design and direction of, but I enjoy I correct have to yelp with more exact cases.

Thanks for reading! I will like any comment or ask you will want and be at liberty to glue with me on LinkedIn 😉

Miriam Romero