LuckyOrange Review: The Finest Heat Plot Instrument in 2019 [IMPACT Toolbox]


If there’s one thing entrepreneurs are inferior with, it’s the sheer number of tools available within the market to relief us kind our job better or extra efficiently. 

It’s both a blessing and a curse, as settling on the finest instrument will most definitely be outright onerous (a part of causes why I started this series).


However, in the case of heat map tools (additionally called click maps), there are easiest a handful vying for easiest-in-class. 

As of late, I’m going to relief you to care for the finest one for your web space.

This article is a component of our IMPACT Toolbox series.

With IMPACT Toolbox, we focus on about the total most up-to-date (and even underrated) marketing tools that you just have gotten gotten to get rid of a stare at. We originate solutions by class, helping you resolve out what instrument is easiest for your dispute, and introduce you to tools you furthermore mght can fair no longer accept as true with heard of in every other case.

Possess questions a couple of marketing instrument, whether or no longer or no longer we’ve reviewed it? 

Attain out to us and we’ll survey how we are able to relief.

Editor’s Ticket: The tools on this web screech and hyperlinks therein might presumably additionally fair provide IMPACT with compensation for signups. This in no system impacts IMPACT’s recommendation of the tools.

What Are Heat Maps?

Heat maps are diagrams that use color/depth to symbolize records values. This is able to presumably also be as easy as an Excel sheet with coloured cells.

Example heat map on Excel worksheet

Or as complex as an overlay on an proper dynamic map.

Example heat map of weather patterns

Attributable to this, they originate a desirable quantity of data more straightforward to admire. 

As an alternative of taking a stare via a desk of numbers exhibiting diverse locations, a heat map helps you to snappy discern where the preferrred concentrations of one thing are.

You’ve seemingly viewed them earlier than whereas attempting out the weather. Diversified colors represent different classes or better concentrations.

For the weather, that will presumably additionally fair different forms of precipitation.

For websites, heat maps justify which areas of your space bag the most consideration and/or clicks. And that records can relief guide updates and changes to your web space.

For a deeper dive, IMPACT’s Facebook Adverts Guru Ali Parmalee discusses heat map evaluation extra in-depth.

What To Look For in a Heat Plot Instrument

While these forms of standards are identical across marketing tools, their significance varies in line with the motive of the instrument. 

As an illustration, aesthetics is extra crucial for tools you make use of incessantly or exhaust slightly a couple of time the use of. You don’t accept as true with to be stuck taking a stare at one thing that’s complicated or grotesque for prolonged classes of time.

In the intervening time, records reliability is every now and then crucial.

Let’s uncover the least bit of these key components as they pertain to heat maps. 

Recordsdata Reliability

In phrases of heat maps, the largest standards is the reliability of the records. 

When making choices in line with consideration and clicks on your web space, you’ve gotten gotten to hold that what exhibits up on a heat map is completely where customers are interacting.

In the case of heat maps especially, if you attribute clicks and consideration to the defective aspects of your space, it’s seemingly you’ll utterly upend what’s completely working and what isn’t. You might presumably truly be doubling down on an unknown, and that will most definitely be detrimental.

You need to to hold that the records you’re making choices in line with is legit.

Ease of Use

In case your instrument is difficult to use, you’re seemingly no longer going to use it. 

Which system you’re wasting money and missing out on the insights you are going to be getting if you faded a different one.  Even though it’s the finest rated instrument, you’ve gotten gotten to use the finest instrument for you.

Admittedly, this standards is a minute bit extra subjective (even supposing still estimable). I take into consideration the following when infected about Ease of Use:

  • Became I ready to use this instrument without digging into Abet/FAQs/documentation or googling an reply?
  • Became it intuitive to search out what I modified into attempting to search out? In numerous phrases, did I ought to dig around in menus or substitute some weird setting to bag it working as supposed?
  • If I couldn’t rely on a product and building background, would I be ready to use this?

I lean heavily on the reality that I exhaust most of my time developing websites and the interactive interfaces within the motivate of them. So, I am consistently fascinated by how to originate web screech material more straightforward to use and realize.

For a heat map instrument, there are two most predominant systems to provide an clarification for records that will vastly accept as true with an impact on how easy it’s far to use.

Most tools use a screenshot, with the heat map records overlaid on it. 

That’s precious, but will most definitely be complicated if you’ve gotten gotten interactive or dynamic aspects (navigations that expand/give arrangement, pop-ups, and so on). It’s hard to recount apart these aspects with a static screenshot.

Just a few tools use a dynamic heat map, which exhibits over an proper look of the safe web screech. In train you engage, scroll, and substitute the width of the screen, the overlaid records changes with it. 

In my abilities, dynamic heat map tools additionally provide the most legit records.


On a linked trace, all different issues equal, if you furthermore mght can’t stand taking a stare at your heat map instrument, you’re no longer going to use it. Feature is still most important, but invent can completely originate a instrument more straightforward and better to use.

Analytics and Recordsdata Reporting

So the records is legit, now how kind you bag right of entry to it? It ought to be desirable, and easy to browse and bag insights.


Does it play smartly with different tools and platforms? More importantly, these that you just make use of? A formidable integration can expand the insights pulled from a instrument, and namely so within the case of heat map tools.

Whenever you are stuck manually exporting and importing records, or comparing a couple of browser tabs the final time, then chances are high you are going to use a mode of tools much less (or snappy jump to an substitute that does integrate). Properly-integrated tools will every use relevant records from the quite loads of to keep you effort and time.

This is able to fluctuate vastly reckoning on which tools you at the second use and what’s going to fit better into your workflow.

More integrations are in most cases better, even supposing better quality (extra purposeful) integrations outweigh quantity of integrations.

In phrases of heat maps, a appropriate CRM integration can shut the outlet on exactly what any individual is doing on your web space. This empowers you to accept as true with extra fantastic conversations alongside with your prospects, as you furthermore mght can survey in better element what they clicked on and a few of their hesitations within the recording.

Heat map CRM integrations additionally can relief you to filter down your contacts and review how different segments are doing on your web space, so you furthermore mght can focal level your web space revision efforts on issues that will motivate a selected segment of your viewers.

Further Aspects

The goal of a heat map instrument is to survey where and the arrangement in which customers are interacting alongside with your web space. 

Other aspects that will complement that consist of consumer recordings (viewing the positioning as an proper consumer), are residing chat with customers on your space, invent and polls records, and viewers records (address google Analytics, but in line with the records your instrument is gathering).

These extra aspects can relief full the image of a heat map, providing you with a extra smartly-rounded image of your company.

Let’s screech any individual clicked on a selected button after scrolling to a obvious level on the safe page. Perhaps they read the safe page once via then clicked on the button. And even they were flipping between sections, attempting to resolve which button to click. Or they clicked one button, realized it modified into a mistake, and went motivate to click the quite loads of

A heat map by myself doesn’t recount that total fable. However combining consumer recordings, are residing chat, web screech surveys, and different aspects can.


Since these forms of tools don’t damage the bank, we regarded as bang-for-your-buck better than an absolute label comparability.

Contenders for the Finest Heat Plot Instrument

Now that you just already know what to search out for in a heat map instrument, which is appropriate for you? We tested Hotjar, Lucky Orange, Loopy Egg, VWO, and Corpulent Legend.

Across all of our standards, LuckyOrange is comparable or better than the quite loads of contenders for this class.

That’s why it’s far the heat map instrument we use for IMPACT’s web space and the instrument we recommend to our clients.

It’s easy to use, cheap, and offers slightly a couple of mountainous records to search out out about your viewers and the arrangement in which they engage alongside with your space.

Let’s uncover at every thing a bit deeper.

Recordsdata Reliability

Heat map of IMPACT's home page - most people interact with at least one part of our main navigation sidebarHeat map of IMPACT’s home web screech – most folks engage without a no longer up to 1 a part of our most predominant navigation sidebar

“I’m most drawn to Lucky Orange because of the their dynamic heat mapping instrument. Here is amazingly purposeful for websites with aspects customers are interacting with (equivalent to popups and sections that expand and give arrangement with screech material). Now I’m ready to survey how customers behave inside these aspects, in keep of guessing with a static heatmap.” – IMPACT’s Inventive Lead and CRO Professional, Christine Austin

LuckyOrange has quite loads of tools, but the heat mapping instrument takes the cake. 

Many heat map tools (including others on our checklist), generate a static image with a heat map overlay. 

GIF of a static heat map

Here is an example of a static heat map which overlays a screenshot of the safe space (attribution)

While still purposeful, that will bag clouded if you’ve gotten gotten interactive/dynamic sections.

As an illustration, if there are a high number of clicks about 40% of the style down the safe page, can you recount if these are literally for the safe page or because of the your subscriber pop-up? With a image, there’s no appropriate system to hold.

Dynamic heat mapping makes the records LuckyOrange offers extra legit than a static image, attributable to you furthermore mght can recount exactly how folks are interacting alongside with your space given what’s in fact on their screen (and yours).

GIF showing a LuckyOrange dynamic heat map

Here is LuckyOrange’s heat map, which updates dynamically in line with interactivity

Ease of Use

Setup is easy for all of these tools: add a snippet to your space, both contained within the code itself or contained within the designated home for your web space platform. 

Then you undoubtedly’ll inaugurate gathering records out of your company.

As soon as keep apart in, there’s some usual setup you furthermore mght can kind under Settings, but you furthermore mght can seemingly trot away the defaults till you’ve gotten gotten some time under your belt.

Some LuckyOrange settings

Issues address “Visitor Timeouts,” which controls how prolonged to wait on to disconnect a consumer after they are idle (so you aren’t gathering slightly a couple of unimportant records) will fluctuate in line with your use case (ours is determined to 10 minutes).

After setup, you furthermore mght can inaugurate interacting with LuckyOrange via the dashboard. 

You’ll inspect the total aspects are accessible from the cease menu bar, and then you undoubtedly might presumably additionally customise the dashboard with diverse widgets (we aren’t the use of all of them yet).

LuckyOrange dashboard

The first time you make use of the heat map, you’ll bag a guided walkthrough. It’s easiest a couple of steps, and the interface is in most cases self-explanatory.


The Live Visitors dashboard menu in LuckyOrange

To be proper, the dashboard and menus uncover a minute bit old-usual, even supposing they bag the job carried out.

The textured background feels virtually skeuomorphic, and the screen density is skewed (too puny partially of the screen, very open in others) making the traipse within the park hard to digest.

And none of this might occasionally reach up the least bit if it didn’t clash with the originate of their heat maps interface. 

The LuckyOrange heat map interface looks excellent

The heat maps interface looks and feels very perfect by comparability. You might presumably presumably additionally recount where their originate time is focused.

The total lot has a gradual-weight background, with a couple of areas of color to intention your consideration without overloading you. The rounded corners are much less jarring than the racy edges of the dashboard menus, and there are clearer visual cues for where you are and what you are doing.

Here is especially crucial for this a part of the instrument, as a heat map can truly feel a bit overwhelming with so grand records and interactivity going on.

The originate across the board is appropriate enough that it doesn’t get rid of far off from the toolset, even supposing I am hopeful that the dashboard and different menus bag a makeover to carry them up to par with the heat maps interface.

Analytics and Recordsdata Reporting

The principle analytics tools available within the market inside LuckyOrange are for his or her heat maps and recordings.

LuckyOrange Recordings dashboard

Recordings justify you the categorical look that your company had whereas they interacted alongside with your web space (adding that extra layer on high of the heat map aggregation). 

Recordings are considered individually in a spreadsheet-address interface, and likewise you furthermore mght can filter and care for customers that visited obvious pages, from specific locations, UTM parameters, and further.

As smartly as to the high level look on your dashboard, the Dwell Mates tab offers a snapshot of the records across the total tools that’s available within the market per are residing visitor.

You might presumably presumably additionally open a heat map by coming into a URL into the Heatmaps tab, or clicking on the “Most Visited Pages” or “Honest currently Seen Heatmaps” lists. This opens a fresh tab where you’ve gotten gotten bag right of entry to to the heat map interface confirmed above.

Heat maps are, by nature, aggregations of data per web screech, but once more, you furthermore mght can additionally segment these as smartly.

Date range, behavior, provide, customized fields, and URL constructions are all available within the market so you furthermore mght can survey exactly how different groups of folks are interacting.

LuckyOrange retains unlimited heat maps and recordings over the final 30 days (you furthermore mght can expand that timeframe by contacting them and paying a bit extra).


Screenshot of some of the LuckyOrange integrations

LuckyOrange integrates with most of the biggest sales, marketing, and web space platforms, including the killer one for us, HubSpot.

With this integration, you furthermore mght can look recordings, heat maps, and different conversion and fable records on a HubSpot contact level.

Screenshot of an example LuckyOrange and HubSpot integration

As an illustration, did any individual schedule a name alongside with your sales group? Test out their recording earlier than the decision to survey exactly what they were taking a stare at so you furthermore mght can provide them most cost.

Gain out where customers dropped off on your conversion route of and optimize your space to toughen that conversion path.

Further Aspects

Like most tools, LuckyOrange heat maps consist of clicks, strikes and scroll maps.

However as mentioned earlier, as smartly as to heat maps, LuckyOrange offers some different mountainous aspects address:

  • Visitor Recordings
  • Dwell Visitor interplay (are residing look and requests to chat)
  • Dwell Chat performance
  • Polls
  • Have Analytics

Combining all of these (especially if you’re the use of a sales and marketing platform integration) offers you an incredibly in-depth uncover into your web space company and what they are doing on your web space.

All of these items come up with edifying records for bettering your web space’s performance and conversions. Enact extra of what’s working (buttons and areas with the preferrred engagement). Repair the areas folks are struggling with (scrolling motivate and forth unable to settle on what to kind).

Don’t be fearful to quiz company with a ballotor are residing chat to survey what’s appropriate and what’s inferior about your space. The nearer you furthermore mght can establish to your company, the extra edifying screech material it’s far doable so that you just can to provide them.


After a seven-day free trial, LuckyOrange has one amongst the most sensible pricing units of all these tools.

LuckyOrange pricing table

Starting at $10/month and increasing in line with pageviews and sites/operators, no different platform offers so grand for this pricing.

And if you’re getting loads of of hundreds of pageviews month-to-month (or extra), the pricing is terribly cheap (up to 500,000 pageviews for $100/month).

Whenever that it’s seemingly you’ll address extra, there are customized project alternate choices available within the market.

Where Can LuckyOrange Give a enhance to?

My easiest most predominant criticism with LuckyOrange is the aesthetics mentioned above. 

If the dashboard aspects were on par with the heat maps interface, the originate would be high-tier. 

For me, that will consist of a more straightforward color palette, some respiratory room between aspects, and much less visual noise. Engrossing corners, shadows, and buttons with gradients, borders, and icons is a bit too grand. 

If the originate is extra crucial than records for you, then you undoubtedly might presumably ought to get rid of a stare at one amongst the quite loads of tools.

Yet any other seemingly enchancment is some roughly notification if an ad blocker interferes with their interface. 

My ad blocker might presumably additionally fair appropriate be in overdrive, but on first-use inside google Chrome, the heat map’s interface didn’t seem like working till I disabled my ad blocker.

That will originate you contain one thing is wrong with the instrument or your setup, but you furthermore mght can fair no longer glide into this dispute the least bit. So if it doesn’t uncover address the heat maps interface is working, strive disabling your adblocker and refreshing.

And that brings up a a ought to-accept as true with level – company with ad blockers might presumably additionally fair no longer justify up on your records the least bit. Withhold that in mind earlier than making any significant choices for your web space. Continually be attempting out to be obvious your updates are working as expected!

With all that in mind, we extremely point out LuckyOrange for many folks in most use cases.

Runner-Up: Hotjar

Hotjar dashboard for comparison

Hotjar is any other mountainous instrument, and modified into beforehand one amongst IMPACT’s heat map picks. 

The originate of their most predominant dashboard and menus is extra appealing than LuckyOrange’s, and the originate is consistent across their toolset.

They additionally offer a couple of different aspects (address funnels). However, for our use case, and someone that makes use of HubSpot for funnels and conversion, that wasn’t a sturdy enough motive to stick with it.

The principle intention back we skilled with Hotjar modified into the static image heat map versus LuckyOrange’s dynamic heat map we chatted about earlier.

While there is a free model with boundaries, the paid variations inaugurate better than LuckyOrange ($29/month ). 

Even though whereas LuckyOrange calculates pageviews month-to-month, Hotjar’s pageviews are calculated per day, so this might occasionally presumably also be a appropriate chance if you’ve gotten gotten slightly a couple of pageviews.

Whenever you tried LuckyOrange and it wasn’t for you, I’d point out giving Hotjar a strive.

Other Alternate choices for Consideration

The different alternate choices we reviewed appeal extra to specific audiences. They all duvet what you need in a heat map instrument, ut if you’re an project, startup, or appropriate settle on an extended trial, then compare with these different tools.


Whenever you glide an project enterprise, it’s seemingly you’ll ought to survey if VWO is a better fit. It’s a minute bit dearer than some of the significant quite loads of tools, but that will most definitely be price it for you in keep of counting on a couple of separate tools.

These forms of extra extensive aspects consist of A/B Sorting out, Multivariate Sorting out, Split URL Sorting out (ship web screech traffic to two URLs of the an identical landing web screech), a Visual Editor and Code Editor (for making visual, HTML, CSS, and JS changes to your space), and Campaign Scheduling (to manage when tests glide). Like LuckyOrange, VWO additionally has dynamic heat maps that originate their records that grand extra legit.


Wow, FullStory does plenty. It does so grand that their characteristic web screech has a dropdown so you furthermore mght can filter their aspects by your job kind (Product Management, Engineering, Buyer Toughen, UX Compose, and Marketing).

For records visualization by myself, they kind conversion funnels, consumer inclinations, heat maps, slowest pages, and high UTM sources and referrers. They additionally accept as true with aspects for visitor recordings, customized events, determining frustration indicators and mistake clicks, and profiles and session histories per consumer.

While there is a free model, it easiest covers 1,000 classes month-to-month. The subsequent step up starts at $849/month (100Okay classes), and that doesn’t originate sense for many folks. 

Unless you’re a qualifying startup, in which case it’s seemingly you’ll bag 80% off FullStory for Industry. At that label level, FullStory becomes grand extra competitive in comparability to what you furthermore mght can bag from these different tools.

Loopy Egg

Loopy Egg is extra of a jack-of-all-trades, grasp-of-none. 

It has the no longer new heat maps and recordings, but is extra sensible than VWO or FullStory . It additionally has A/B attempting out and a visual editor, making it one amongst the extra label fantastic systems to bag these aspects. However, Loopy Egg’s recordings are puny unless you’ve gotten gotten a customized realizing, when put next to LuckyOrange’s unlimited recordings. 

Whenever you’re no longer obvious where to inaugurate and for some motive you don’t ought to use LuckyOrange, Loopy Egg is a appropriate starter chance

Don’t Accept Heated – Protect Frigid and Use the Heat Plot Instrument For You

While all of these tools tick the compulsory boxes for a heat map instrument, the largest consideration for you is which one fits you and your enterprise’ desires.

Whenever you’re no longer obvious where to inaugurate, trot alongside with one thing sensible with the essentials. It’s hard to pass up LuckyOrange on this case.

Whenever you’re a heatmap pro and likewise you need one thing specific, trot alongside with the instrument that easiest aligns alongside with your desires and the benefits you need for your enterprise.

Possess questions or disagree with my evaluation? Let me know! You might presumably presumably additionally reach out in IMPACT Elite, even appropriate to thunder out that you just’re crushing it alongside with your heat map instrument of substitute. And if there’s a particular instrument you’ve gotten gotten questions about, let us know and we’ll survey if we are able to relief you to resolve out the finest chance for you.