VKontakte and Odnoklassniki again earn in Ukraine?


Unofficial sources point to this turn of events.

It is likely that the top management of Ukraine can unblock Russian social networks and other popular portals, first of all, Yandex and Mail.ru. There are several reasons for this.


First, even during the election campaign, Vladimir Zelensky justified the inappropriateness of such a ban. Secondly, a petition to unlock Russian resources is currently gaining votes on the site of the head of state. Its authors among others affirm:

“Citizens of Ukraine have the constitutional right to independently choose sources of information and their circle of contacts.”

As soon as the 25,000 Ukrainians will sign up under the petition, the president, according to the current legislation, will be forced to react in some way.

There are other hints that blocking VKontakte and Odnoklassniki will soon be removed. So, on the eve of the Ukrainian TV channel, one of the journalists said that he was preparing to cancel the decree of the past president. According to him, this can happen very soon. This is claimed by insiders.

Well, if this really happens, then after two years, Ukrainians will be able to use leading Russian sites without all sorts of tricks like VPN.